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Protocol is our email delivery service primarily for cold email outbound that combines existing off-the-shelf tools, our in-house expertise, and a proprietary methodology for your peace of mind.
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What is Protocol Really Made of?
An ever-evolving, customizable solution, Protocol adapts to your sending needs, enabling you to send more emails safely. Here’s a glimpse into the features Protocol brings to the table:
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We fit into any infrastructure
Our inboxes integrate with any email service provider you use, and all emails go directly to your inbox without disrupting your workflow.
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DNS setup and configuration
Taking care of the DNS records associated with your domain to establish sender legitimacy and enhance the chances of your emails reaching recipients' inboxes.
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Email warmup
To reach the high volumes of sending safely, we’ll gradually build up the trust in your domain's addresses.
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Verified testing patterns
With millions of email sends under our belt, we know how to scale and we know how to test for maximum effect.
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Intervention protocols
If your sender reputation has already been damaged, we have reliable, tried and tested intervention procedures to rectify the situation.
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IP addresses, domains and subdomains
Protocol includes backup systems to support your sending needs safely and securely.
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Ongoing monitoring and consultancy
Our deliverability experts are here to implement of Protocol and share best practices for even better performance.
Services we provide
Email Scaling
Are your systems ready to scale? Do you have an influx in new subscribers, launching a new cold email outbound campaign, or raising a new round of funding and anticipating growth to follow? We set your systems up for scale and make sure you’re not building your empire on sand.
Deliverability Issue Resolution
Are your emails going to spam more than makes sense? Are the simple solutions not fixing the problem? We perform root-cause analysis across your entire email stack (sales, marketing, corporate, and transactional), find the issues affecting inbox placement, and resolve them.
Cold Email Sendability & Deliverability
Cold emails (B2B sales emails) are a necessary but often toxic part of a B2B business’s email stack. We have a proven method for hosting and scaling up cold email so your sales team can send the emails they need without fearing the spam folder.
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Schedule a meeting
Whether you’re on the hunt for deliverability consultants, in the midst of a deliverability crisis, or you’d just like to learn more about what we do – we’re always up for a virtual cup of coffee. Shoot us a line or book a time with one of our team members and let’s see how we can help you grow.
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