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Deliverability, at Scale.

Email deliverability services that support your growth and protect your reputation. We cover everything - from your cold email campaigns, newsletter, to your marketing email efforts and beyond. Our approaches are battle-tested, well-respected, and in line with best practices.
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Stable email infrastructure
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Scalable business growth
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Exceptional sending volumes
Our Services
Built for every budget and outreach goal, we have three main tiers of our email deliverability services. You can then combine the tier of your choice with any number of our add-ons, or our strategy and go-to market service for even more support and collaboration. 
Senders Protocol™
We send and deliver your emails at the volume you need to exceed your goals.
Protocol blends our proprietary methods, a robust email delivery infrastructure, and off-the-shelf tools to ensure high email sendability while keeping  your domain and email reputation intact. Simply put, if sending email is critical, Protocol is your go-to growth ally.

Strategy and Go-To-Market
Crafting a strong gameplan is our second nature.
Our Strategy experts will devise a roadmap to help you reach your audience, start conversations, and scale it up. With strategy, you can: refine your targeting, benefit from concierge account setup and maintenance, and A/B test to learn what works and what doesn’t. All that built on top of the fundamental deliverability service.

A deliverability plan for every need, but with built-in flexibility, and clear deliverables. Each tier leaves plenty of room for add-ons and custom approaches that will work best for your business. Here’s the breakdown of the three main plans: 
Lite Plan
$1200 /mo

● 12k monthly sends max after ramp-up
● Up to 1 sender
● Concierge onboarding
● Ongoing human support
Solid Plan
$1800 /mo

● 20k monthly sends max after ramp-up
● Up to 3 senders
● Concierge onboarding
● Ongoing human support
Serious Plan
$2500 /mo

● 80k monthly sends max after ramp-up
● Up to 5 senders
● Concierge onboarding
● Ongoing human support
About us
Benny Rubin
CEO & Founder
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Omer Golgeli
Deliverability Manager
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Aurora Alvarado
Partnership Manager
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Ognjen Varadanin
Marketing Manager
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A group of email deliverability nerds with a soft spot for innovative tech and relationship-building.

We’re obsessed with helping ambitious brands get their message across and make some noise, safely. We live and breathe email and growth, and we love a good challenge.
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Schedule a meeting
Like virtual coffee? We’re big fans – let’s share a cup and have a chat. Tea works, too. We’d love to learn more about your business, email deliverability and outreach goals, and see if we might be able to help. 

Whether you have questions about what we do, how Protocol works, or you’d just like to pick our brains on some of our best practices, we’d be happy to chat.
Our Clients
From venture-backed startups, SaaS leaders, B2B companies, to B2C brands looking to grow through higher email deliverability and better outreach – we’ve had the pleasure of helping them all.
Erol Toker
Testimonial rating
The core of any outbound email motion is the ability to send emails at a high enough volume and actually have those emails delivered to a target’s inbox - that's what Senders does for us.
Ravi Saini
Business Development Manager,
Software Mind
Testimonial rating
We've been working with Senders for about two years so yeah we're happy. You guys have a good set of people in your team and we like this setup around weekly meetings.
Bilal Memon
Lovers of Data
Testimonial rating
There's a lot of really really awesome things. I would say the team is just very open for us. Testing things out - different segments, different copy and they turn around time is just very, very quick which I really, really appreciate and that's been consistent since day one.
Testimonial - text
Testimonial rating
Sending a few emails here and there is easy -- sending at a consistently high volume and having them delivered every time is really really hard. Senders handles that for us in spades.
JP Bertram
Vice President of Marketing, ChangeEngine
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Our Case Studies
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SUSO Digital
Industry - Marketing & SEO
Project length - 2 years
Key result - Market growth, funnel saturation
Industry - Information Technology & Services
Project length - 2 years
Key result - New market penetration
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