Raising the Bar in Email Delivery

The field of email deliverability is ever-evolving – just like the medium itself. Senders prides itself on being on the cutting edge. We are actively sending across 100s of senders every day, and we are in a unique position to not only know what works ‘in theory’ but also put it into practice every day.
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Meet the Team
Senders is what happens when innovators and lifelong learners join forces to take on a challenge: how to send more emails to more people safely and get your message across? We’ve devoted our careers to building a safe approach to email delivery – a service that evolves and adapts to your business growth goals. Reach out to any of our team members and email deliverability specialists with questions and we’ll be happy to assist.
Benny Rubin
CEO & Founder
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Omer Golgeli
Deliverability Manager
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Aurora Alvarado
Partnership Manager
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Chrisley Ceme
Head of Business Growth
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Ognjen Varadanin
Marketing Manager
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Sara Novicic
Copywriter Lead
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Dame Bizimoski
Deliverability Associate
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Manuel Soto
Customer Success Manager
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Andrea S Gutierrez
Customer Success Manager
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