Case Study 04

Industry - Staffing Industry
Project length - Ongoing
Key result - Safe cold email outbound, moved off of Google
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Testimonial rating
After running into sending issues with Google when we started reaching out to businesses, we needed a safer, more effective alternative. Senders helped us set up a secure, stable sending infrastructure and finally reach the right inboxes, with a strong focus on maintaining solid deliverability and more volume. Great results with each campaign so far, and the team is a breeze to work with.
Client, Staffing Industry
About the client:
Finding breakout success in the staffing space is no small feat. A business built to benefit both the professionals who want to find work and the companies that hire them, this prominent recruiting firm helps professionals thrive and has found much success in the process.

Their platform is known to be straightforward to use and that has made them popular among top performers and companies that need their help.

However, with many similar-sounding solutions around, it has been a challenge for them to cut through the noise. Senders has made sure their emails would land where they were supposed, allowing them to grow their reach at an unprecedented speed.

Project Goals
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Set up a secure deliverability environment
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Make sure the client can focus on lead gen, not infrastructure management
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Improve inbox placement
Project Challenges
Needed to transition off of Google-based sending
Needed backup options in case of reputation damage (subdomains, warming and intervention protocols, etc.)
Our Solution
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Used Senders Protocol to establish a stable sending ecosystem for their cold email campaigns
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Built a support system for deliverability monitoring and interventions when needed
Created a flow that helped the client focus on outreach and campaign refinement
Project Features
Our deliverability infrastructure on Senders Protocol
Preventative methods and fail-safe procedures to protect their reputation
Ongoing testing and monitoring protocols to improve performance
Complete transparency from setup to deliverability management, giving the client full visibility of the process
Project Results
Significantly improved deliverability and engagement with their audience
Built-in reputation management procedures, leading to very successful campaigns
Gave back their time and effort to allocate towards more mission-critical work such as lead generation and pipeline growth
More volume on sending to help them reach their goals faster
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Case Study 04
Industry - Staffing Industry
Project length - Ongoing
Key result - Safe cold email outbound, moved off of Google
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