Industry - Information Technology & Services
Project length - 2 years (and counting)
Key result - Tapping into new markets, lead funnel growth, better industry understanding
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Our experience with Senders has been great over the years. Lead Strategist (Velimir) and the team are able to adapt to meet our changing needs and get us good quality leads.
Carlos Escutia
About Growrk
As strong proponents of flexibility, the GroWrk team practice what they preach: their fully remote, globally distributed team noticed that equipping remote employees with IT gear is a major challenge. They set out to solve that issue – and they now provide full-circle remote asset deployment and retrieval.

What sets them above and beyond others in this industry is their innovative, but user-friendly tech platform paired with their global logistics infrastructure, an all-around service that leaves nothing to chance. This puts them in a unique position to serve major companies with remote teams, significantly cutting costs and boosting operational efficiency across the board. 

Project Goals
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Tap into new markets and reach more companies facing the same issue of remote asset deployment and retrieval.
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Bring in new leads to support their existing sales funnel and enable further business growth.
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Support the sales team’s international ambitions – bring the outbound scale necessary to achieve objectives.
Project Challenges
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Lack of a well-developed online presence and brand awareness, as well as market validation.
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Strong competition – as impeccable as their solution is, we needed to find a way to reach their target audience effectively and communicate their value clearly.
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Entrenched processes for the core of the client’s business.
Our Solution
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We have created and refined focused cold email campaigns to both acquire new customers and obtain qualitative market learnings. Thanks to the knowledge we have accumulated, we have helped the client better understand their own positioning against the competitors and identify new USPs to further strengthen their presence. 
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Our ongoing process of monitoring each campaign’s KPIs and leveraging industry knowledge further helped our client start more relevant conversations and boost their sales performance. The key results of our cold email campaigns – improving the client’s marketing infrastructure and ensuring continuous vertical growth with the client.
Project Features
A complete cold email outreach strategy, developed in collaboration with the Senders / Outframe team.
An ABM approach for stronger cross-departmental collaboration and ultimately more sustainable growth.
A strong focus on business outcomes, rather than transactions, to ensure long-term success.
Weekly meetings and campaign performance reports enabling the team to adapt quickly.
Continuous support and consultations to get a better understanding of the client’s pipeline and to ensure the campaigns align with their goals.
A complete, secure email sending infrastructure for optimal deliverability, maintenance, and scalability.
A complete set of preemptive measures and contingencies for fast resolution time in case of a deliverability issue
Deliverability infrastructure monitoring and regular maintenance 
Project Results
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Client was able to grow their team, in part due to Senders efforts.
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The client was able to learn about their company and improve processes as a direct result of Senders efforts, as well as adjust their processes to better tackle their target market
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A new marketing structure for the client benefited heavily from the findings of the cold email campaigns
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