Industry - Fintech
Project length - Ongoing
Key result - Safely scaled email outbound, moved off of Google, improved processes
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We wanted to add more volume to our campaigns without worrying about the backend – email warming, domain monitoring, all the labor-intensive tasks that were slowing down our pipeline growth. Senders jumped in, moved us to their infrastructure, and helped us scale safely. The results speak for themselves.
Aeron Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Built for international businesses juggling multiple currencies (and often losing money in the process), Pangea is the very first AI-powered platform helping with cost-effective FX hedging and risk mitigation. 

Given how saturated the fintech sphere has become, it’s vital for Pangea to be able to reach companies they can be valuable to, without worrying about spam or reputation issues. Synonymous with safety, Pangea wanted an equally secure way to scale and refine their outreach – and Senders Protocol was the way to go.

Project Goals
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Reach more target companies safely
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Enable the client to focus on targeting, strategy, and differentiation by taking over all deliverability management and monitoring
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Maintain compliance leveraging Global Relay’s email archiving feature
Project Challenges
Existing sending setup was tied to Google
Compliance-heavy environment
Our Solution
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Moved their sending to our tried and tested infrastructure – all the while maintaining required level of compliance
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Unlocked more sends, helping the team send up to 20,000 emails per month safely and compliantly
After the complete technical setup and warming, the Senders team engages in daily deliverability and performance monitoring, enabling the Pangea team to focus on strategic targeting, email copy testing, and lead generation
Project Features
Protocol’s complete deliverability infrastructure setup
Implementing preventative deliverability tactics to safeguard against reputation damage and spam blocks
Ongoing infrastructure oversight and support
Proactive system testing and campaign monitoring allowing the Senders team to spot any possible deliverability issues before they become issues
A custom set of response measures in case any sending challenges arise
Project Results
Significant outreach improvement, allowing the client to enhance targeting as well as inbox placement with our overall deliverability. Add to that, delegating deliverability over to Senders, the Pangea team was able to become more agile in providing value to target customers and differentiate themselves clearly in this competitive market.
Implement email compliance required for the Fintech sector, while safely reaching more people over time.
The Pangea team finally rerouted their internal resources to more mission-critical, lead-gen work, such as strategy and targeting refinement, which in turn helped connect them with more meaningful prospects.
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