Industry - Fintech
Project length - Ongoing
Key result - Scaled cold outreach, expanded market footprint
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Testimonial rating
Beyond deliverability expertise, we wanted an outreach partner with a strong understanding of the VC/startup ecosystem and the dynamics within it – and Senders fits the bill down to a tee. Working with their team, we’ve been able to solidify our position and get through to more founders that can benefit from our financial solutions.
Austin Beveridge
Head of Marketing
About the client:
Frictionless funding wasn’t a thing, at least not before Arc. Filling a major gap for startups (and brilliantly disrupting the entire funding hierarchy in the process), Arc enables founders to raise and maximize their capital without any of the traditional limitations and roadblocks.

With their cash management platform, built-in security features, and ongoing support, companies can focus on scaling on their terms. Used for safely storing funds (eligible for FDIC or SIPC insurance), it’s also built to maximize yield on idle cash, and provide access to financing and analytics that further support growth – all consolidated under one, fee-free roof.

Given the innovative, unique nature of the solution and the fast pace of the entire startup world, Arc wanted to spread the word in the most efficient way possible, while safeguarding their reputation.

Project Goals
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Set up a secure sending environment without relying on Google
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Use tried and tested warmup, preparation, and outbound tools and methods to maximize campaign effectiveness
Project Challenges
Needed to tap into a greater share of the market
Needed to generate interest safely and at scale
Our Solution
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Built their sending environment from the ground up using Senders Protocol
Provide continuous deliverability supervision and support
Project Features
Senders Protocol infrastructure

Ongoing deliverability monitoring, proactive testing, and support
Customized failsafe and backup protocols for added peace of mind
Project Results
Connected with increasingly more prospects
Opened up new avenues for growth
Grew brand awareness and engagement across the board
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