Industry - Interior Design
Project length - Ongoing
Key result - Revenue growth, reaching more valuable clients
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Testimonial rating
“There are so many moving parts of our business – why should we deal with as many moving parts needed for email deliverability and strategy? To be truly at ease with how our campaigns and reputation are handled, we needed a team as exceptional and creative as Senders, so we could focus on our craft. Now we get to do more of what we do best because of them. ”
Stephanie Corder
Head of Design
About the client:
A Brooklyn-based, trade-exclusive upholstery partner, Stitchroom combines their robust digital platform for ease of collaboration with their in-house expertise in design, upholstery, and sewing. They’ve given a very beautiful, traditional niche a very modern twist, allowing them to dedicate more of their time and effort to their Brooklyn workroom.

As one of our longest-standing clients, Stitchroom has run a myriad of successful email campaigns over the years, allowing them to grow their reach exponentially.

Project Goals
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Connect with more potential clients and partners
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Turn cold email into an added growth channel
Project Challenges
Needed to reach more prospects and partners
Needed to free up internal resources for their core craft
Our Solution
Set up a scalable sending infrastructure focusing on strong deliverability
Develop a dedicated strategy for a range of market segments
Come up with engaging, on-brand copy for each campaign to reduce potential spam issues and maximize campaign effectiveness
Project Features
The complete Senders ecosystem of mailboxes, warmup and scaling protocols, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting
Dedicated strategy and copywriting
Backend deliverability management
Project Results
Expanded their client and partner base
Revenue growth
Improved prospect engagement
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