Evaluating Your Email Systems: Is It Ready to Scale?

November 26, 2023
Evaluating Your Email Systems: Is It Ready to Scale?

As a business owner these days, you are aware that the ability to deliver email messages can affect your business. Delivering on time to the targeted audience can significantly affect business results. No matter if it's about marketing campaigns, transaction messages, or customer support.

When you start a business, it's a simple process, but what happens when your company starts to grow?

As your company grows, so does the amount of sent emails. Is your email system ready to handle the increased volume of messages? Or more complex segmentation and personalization requirements? In other words, is your email system scalable?

Although scalability sounds purely technical, the matter is a little more complex. Scalability is a strategic step enabling better customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and better marketing campaign success. Because of all this, it is necessary to assess the scalability of your email system.

Understanding email delivery and its importance

Email delivery is a process that involves successfully delivering e-messages where they need to be - in the recipient's inbox. This process includes a series of technical procedures and standards for email delivery. They all ensure that your emails do not end up in the spam folder but arrive directly to the recipient.

Why is email delivery important for business?

When you send an email, the basic assumption is that it will be read. Email delivery is not just one technical process and need. It directly impacts your business. If your messages do not reach the end users or end up in the spam folder, your entire marketing campaign is in vain. Your efforts to create and start a campaign are doomed to failure in advance. Even the best-written email does not fulfill its purpose if no one can read it. But, if your emails arrive exactly where they should be, it is more likely that they will be read.

How email delivery affects customer engagement and conversion rates

Your messages will likely be read when they arrive in the right mailboxes. This is the first step in further communication and customer engagement. When a large percentage of your subscribers read the message, a higher percentage will engage. This can be anything that is the goal of your campaign. Buying a product, responding to an event, sharing your content, and similar. These actions improve your conversion rates and make the campaign successful. In other words, efficient email delivery can directly affect your sales and business results.


Signs that your current email system may not be scalable

But how can you know if your email system is ready for scaling? Several signs indicate that your system is not ready and that you should pay attention to.

Problems with email delivery speed

Sometimes, your messages reach the recipient with a significant delay. This may be a sign that your email system cannot cope with the current volume of messages. Email delivery speed is paramount, especially when sending time-sensitive messages such as sale notifications or transaction confirmations.

Problems with high bounce rates

A high bounce rate - i.e., the percentage of sent messages that are returned because they could not be delivered - may also indicate problems with your email system. This can result from technical issues, such as incorrect email addresses. Still, it can also show that your email system is unreliable enough to manage messages efficiently.

Difficulties in managing increasing volumes of email

As your business grows, so will the volume of email that needs to be processed. If you notice that your email system needs help managing this increase, it may be a sign that it needs to be more scalable.

Lack of advanced features like automation, segmentation, and personalization

Today, personalization is key to effective email communication. Suppose your email system does not support advanced automation, segmentation, and personalization features. In that case, it may be a sign that it is not ready for the future needs of your business.

All these are indicators that you should not ignore. If you recognize them quickly, you should take the necessary steps to improve your email system. That is the way to ensure easier scalability.

Key factors when assessing the scalability of your email system

As your business grows and develops, your email system must keep up. This implies that your system can keep up with all changes. Such as increased volume of sent emails, increased need for security, etc. Some factors you should pay attention to when evaluating your email system are:

The ability to process a large volume of email

As your business grows, so will the number of email messages you send. Your system must handle this volume increase without affecting the speed and reliability of mail delivery.

Robust infrastructure and security measures

We witness increasing fraud attempts, so your system must have security. The infrastructure of your email system must be such that it can support strong security measures and thus protect your and your users' data. In this way, besides protecting yourself and users, you maintain their trust.

Integration capabilities with other systems

Your email system must be able to connect and integrate with other systems, such as CRM, ERP, or marketing automation. To ensure a smooth and easy flow of information, it must have the ability to integrate with different systems.

Flexibility and adaptability to business growth

Flexibility and adaptability are something your email system must have in order to be able to keep up with the growth of your business. This may include changes in the following:

  • size of your user base
  • frequency and type of e-messages you send
  • new requirements for personalization and segmentation
  • and various other changes

Reliable support and maintenance 

Maintaining an email system is a process that takes time. It is a process that involves constant updating and upgrading. This must be done regularly for the system to remain current and efficient. Also, access to technical support whenever needed is necessary.

These are the key factors you need to consider when assessing the scalability of your email system. When you understand them properly, it will be easier to make an informed decision. And thus ensure that your system can support and keep up with the growth and development of your business.

Steps to ensure your email system is ready for scaling

What else can you do? You can follow certain steps to ensure that your email system can support the growth and development of your business. Some of them are:


Regular review and update of the email list

Regularly reviewing and updating your email list is one of the most important steps in maintaining an efficient email system. All inactive and invalid addresses must be removed as they directly increase the bounce rate. In addition, regularly adding new contacts interested in your offer can reduce the bounce rate and increase the delivery of your mail. Maintaining a clean and updated list is one of the more important steps to ensure the scalability of your system.

Implementation of efficient email authentication protocols

Your reputation as a sender is one of the more important things that affect your messages reaching the recipient. To improve your reputation, it is necessary to include email authentication in your email system. Email authentication protocols, including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, can help fight spam and phishing. It is necessary to consult with experts to find the best solution for implementing these protocols.

Choice of a reliable email service provider

The efficiency of your email system largely depends on your choice of email service provider (ESP). 

When choosing a provider, choose one that offers robust infrastructure, strong security measures, and advanced features you need. Also, ensure the provider offers excellent customer support and, most importantly, the scalability you need as your business develops.

Using email analytics to track performance and identify areas for improvement

You can't work in the dark when working to improve the deliverability of a larger volume of emails. Email analytics is a necessary step to get relevant information about the performance of your email system. Key metrics such as open, click, bounce, and delivery rates give you valuable information. Tracking and understanding them helps you identify areas for improvement. Also, ensure that your email system is optimized for the best results. 

If it sounds complicated, following these steps can help you. It will ensure that your email system is ready for scaling and can support the growth of your business.

Why is scaling the email system key to the growth and development of any business? Well, as your business develops, so will your needs for email processing. And to successfully implement this, you need the right email system to support that growth. Knowing how to recognize if your system is scalable and factors that are important for scalability and following these steps will ensure the success of your email campaigns.

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