Cold Email Hosting and Email Deliverability Management
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Starts at $1800/mo
Additional mailbox: $500/mo
This is for B2B cold email senders who are looking for a safe and reliable way to increase sending volume while avoiding spam-boxing. If you need to improve your email sending volume, deliverability, as well as scalability safely, our infrastructure and methodology can help you grow.

No matter the number of mailboxes you end up choosing, our cold email hosting and email deliverability management service includes the following:

● Complete deliverability preparation including domain and subdomain warmups and testing.

● Our tried and true email deliverability infrastructure and methodology called Senders Protocol ™.

● Preparing your existing sending tools (such as,, SalesLoft, or HubSpot) to enable higher sending volumes and better stability using Protocol.
The $1800/month base rate for ongoing cold email hosting, email deliverability management, and support typically includes up to ~20,000 email sends per month. Adding more senders or volume is an additional $500/mailbox per month.

Every brand’s email setup, audience size, and outreach goals are different, which means that our cold email hosting and email deliverability management solution can be adapted to your needs.
Our Clients
From venture-backed startups, SaaS leaders, B2B companies, to B2C brands looking to grow through higher email deliverability and better outreach – we’ve had the pleasure of helping them all.
Erol Toker
Testimonial rating
The core of any outbound email motion is the ability to send emails at a high enough volume and actually have those emails delivered to a target’s inbox - that's what Senders does for us.
Ravi Saini
Business Development Manager,
Software Mind
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We've been working with Senders for about two years so yeah we're happy. You guys have a good set of people in your team and we like this setup around weekly meetings.
Bilal Memon
Lovers of Data
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There's a lot of really really awesome things. I would say the team is just very open for us. Testing things out - different segments, different copy and they turn around time is just very, very quick which I really, really appreciate and that's been consistent since day one.
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Testimonial rating
Sending a few emails here and there is easy -- sending at a consistently high volume and having them delivered every time is really really hard. Senders handles that for us in spades.
JP Bertram
Vice President of Marketing, ChangeEngine
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Our Case Studies
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SUSO Digital
Industry - Marketing & SEO
Project length - 2 years
Key result - Market growth, funnel saturation
Industry - Information Technology & Services
Project length - 2 years
Key result - New market penetration
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Why Senders?
10s of millions of emails sent and successfully delivered across thousands of target markets for hundreds of clients.
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